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Happy Ever After looks increasingly unlikely

Demelza Cotton and Jago Quinn didn’t think life could get any worse on the streets of Victorian London – until they found a hypnotic, rainbow-coloured lizard and attracted the attention not only of the vicious Cray Twins, the homicidal heads of the criminal underworld, but also of the mysterious Adamina Wollondilly and her bizarre Eyeballers.

Suddenly everyone’s out for their blood, but they’re not giving their beautiful creature back, not for all the tea in China.



Set in the world of Victorian England Jago tells the story of 11 year old Demelza Cotton and Jago Quinn, a pair of street urchins who roam the streets of London’s Old Nichol slum. I was impressed by this book on many levels, not least because this work is self-published … with richly drawn characters in an unforgettable landscape, Austin takes his readers on a memorable and fast-paced journey into a slightly steampunk and Dickensesque world.  A must-have title for every school library.

JAGO is available direct from Keith Austin on (A$15 plus P&P).

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